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kia_dallons's Journal

All around creative type, professional alterations seamstress, costumer, line artist, sculptress, mold-maker, aspiring glassworker and entrepreneuse.

I live and work in the beautiful Pacific NW, near Shelton, WA. with my husband and son.

Presently, I am not accepting sewing commissions, but if you e-mail me, I will contact you when I have an opening.
advertising, alternative, anime, antiques, art, artist trading cards, barter, bbw, bead making, books, burlesque, buttons, camp kilowan, camping, carpentry, cartoons, chaos, chemistry, chocolate, choir, clowns, co-housing, cob, coffee, collecting buttons, collecting marbles, comics, comix, community, comparative religion, cons, conservation, cooking, corsets, corvallis, cosplay, costuming, culture, dallons, discordianism, drawing, dreamtime, drivetime, drumming, economics, ecotopia, energy systems, energy work, fairies, fairs, fashion, felting, festivals, fetish wear, fiber arts, flamework, fnord, folks, freaks, fun, fursuits, geeks, genealogy, geology, ghosts, glass, glass blowing, good food, goth, graphic design, grrrls, gypsies, herbal medicinal, history, home schooling, ice cream, icons, ideas, illuminati, illustration, jewelry making, job's daughters, juggling, kali, knitting, landscaping, latex, linguistics, live music, magick, marbles, mascots, mechanics, medicine, merry pranksters, meta, mold making, music, mythology, nature, off the grid, olympia, open minds, oregon, oregon country fair, oregon territory history, photography, portland, positive parenting, principia discordia, prop making, psychology, puget sound, punk, puns, renovation, road trips, rocks and minerals, salvaging, science, seattle, self education, self employment, sewing, shelton, silliness, slack, slumping glass, small business, sociology, stage magic, television, theater, torchwork, trying new things, unschooling, vaudeville, vending, vintage clothes, viral memes, washington, wild foods, writing, xenophilia