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19. organize photobucket account
25. practice torchwork ( 2/500 hrs)
34. attend arts/music/cultural events (2/25)
Oregon Country Fair!
Shelton Farmers Market.
37. button ideas ( 144/2000 )
63. read books from my "to read" shelves (2/25)
"Luba: The Book of Ophelia"
"Myth Adventures Illustrated"
69. go dancing (3/18)
Zumwalt drum circle 7/11/08
70. have "art time" with other artists (1/18)
Torchworking with Chris Hanson 7/4/08
71. music classes ( 18/90 )
Recorder and Choir
87. GaiaOnLine.com inspired avi art (5/36)
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Back from OCF! I'm having some back trouble since spending a week camping / sleeping on the ground. It was a great trip tho. Gonna do it again next weekend for FairyWorlds. :)

Got my business plan back from the final review. The feedback pretty much validated what I already suspected, so it's good to know where I need to focus, still.

It's been a week of things suddenly starting to move forward. Our building permit came through, and so we are starting construction soon. My mother suddenly announced that she'd cleaned the garage, and that I could set up my glass working stuff in there. Alex passed his Mac tech certification test!

I was able to get some torch time with a friend a few weeks ago. I made a button! I don't know how it came out, because I haven't seen her since then. Otherwise, I've been mostly making designs, and drawing, networking and scouting potential vending events. These things seem rather frivolous to me, but I'm having fun, and it's nice to feel legitimized about spending time drawing and being online. All this time, I've resisted joining Facebook and MySpace, Yahoo or all the other social networking sites, not having any reason to venture much beyond LiveJournal.

I generally find the other ones cluttered and confusing, but I've been getting my profiles and networks set up, and interacting with people. Obviously, I've been neglecting my LJ, to some degree tho. I haven't been doing much writing lately.. but look at me go once I get to it, lol! eBay has been eluding me. I may need to hire an expert to help me get my systems set up. In the meantime, my mother and I have been making a massive pile of things to put up for auction.

My dear old glass blowing friend Dylan is coming to visit this Fall. :)

I also have another local torch worker friend that I am working out a trade for lessons with. It turns out that summer is a miserable time to work glass, go figure, but he'll probably help me set up my shop in Mum's garage safely.
So.. things are happening, but it's still frustratingly nebulous from a planning on paper perspective. Actually, listing it like this helps me see that things are really going on. Plugging away where I can.
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30 May 2008 @ 12:37 pm
my list

10. move downstairs
37. button ideas (119/ 2000 )
67. recycling and trash runs (1/36)
69. go dancing (2/18) CAKE at the Paramount 4/11/08
71. music classes ( 4/90 ) recorder and choir
87. avi art (2/36) This was my GaiaOnLine inspired avi, from which I also made a costume for Sakuracon. I don't have any photos of that, yet. :)
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06 May 2008 @ 04:33 pm
Not too bad a week. :) My complete Misson 101 list.

1. post list at mission101 community
5. clean up existing scanned art (1/10 )
12. carve button molds started on (3/18)
37. button ideas ( 117/2000 )
69. go dancing (1/18) 5/3 Darkstar Orchestra at the Crystal Ballroom
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01 May 2008 @ 06:57 pm
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01 May 2008 @ 01:21 pm
I'm really excited by the idea of doing this! I have a million things to do and I hope it proves very motivational.

mission101 Mission 101 </a>

I'm going to use a free organizing tool, Omni Outliner, to organize it, but I'm just going to post a strait to-do list at the community. I've used this program for other things, and it's very good for strategic planning. :)

Now.. to make a list..
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20 April 2008 @ 01:48 pm
I've been trying to post some stuff that I wrote in TextEdit here, and LJ isn't letting me. poo. They have been notified, and we'll see if we can figure it out.

In the meantime, here are some pix I took of a local landmark. I know even know if it has a name. These cows are giant! Very rarely, there are real cows out grazing too... to give you an idea of the scale. They can be seen at the Mud Bay exit to HW 101, near Olympia.

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So.. I'm doing a lot of things, lately. I've been taking a small business start up course, and it's been really intensive.

I've been self-employed as a contract seamstress since 1992. People pay me to sew custom garments or draft patterns for them, and/or I would take alterations and tailoring from a shop in Olympia. I mostly enjoy making costumes, and so I was aiming my business towards that, but when I started taking this course, I put all that on hold.

My new plan focuses on being a glassworker. I've dreamed of making my own marbles since I was 10, when I started collecting them. I've been slowly gathering tools for years, and I'm almost there. The class is just ironing out the fine details. I'm so excited!
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12 April 2008 @ 09:57 pm
I guess blogging has become part of the public consciousness, since I've been asked by several friends and family recently if can read my blog. So, after 6 1/2 years of having a private journal here on LJ, I've decided to make a public one. :)

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